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25 Oct, 2020

Why Maintenance Matters

So you’ve invested in a solid solar power system – pretty straight forward, right? In order to protect your investment further, regular maintenance must be provided to ensure that your syste ...

18 Oct, 2020

The Truth about Heating and Cooling

Did you know that heating and cooling makes up 40% of energy bills? With summer on the horizon, this is an especially good time to consider solar (this is ESPECIALLY true if you’re planning to ...

11 Oct, 2020

Get your Home (and Energy Bills) ready for Summer!

With summer on the horizon, now is the best time to either: 1) Ensure that your existing solar system is running in tip-top shape. OR 2) Make the switch to go solar. Whatever stage you may be a ...

27 Sep, 2020

Thank You Kate, For the Review

It’s not just the quality of the work that has our customers loving what we do 💥. Big thanks to Kate for the 5-star review. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “ECOlectrical go above &amp ...

20 Sep, 2020

Making it Easy to Experience Solar

We make it easy for you to experience the power of solar ☀️. Enjoy all the benefits of a quality solar system with an incredible return on investment AND 3 months of finance repayments on us wit ...

13 Sep, 2020

Offering Services Beyond Solar

We don’t just do solar installations ☝️! Our expertise allows us to provide top-notch service in both electrical maintenance and more. Here’s what our client, Carly, had to say about ...

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