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22 May, 2022

Why You Should Get An Energy Audit

Why get an energy audit? Here are a few reasons why it may benefit you… - A measured and calculated energy action plan provides a road map for tangible results. - Tax deductible investment tha ...

15 May, 2022

What You Need To Know About Getting Paid From Feed-In Tariffs

A feed-in tariff is paid by a utility or government agency when a grid connect system generates electricity. Net feed-in tariffs are the most common, and it’s best practice to consume as much solar- ...

1 May, 2022

Ready To Switch To Solar But Not Sure If You Can Afford It? With $0 Up-Front Finance You Can!

There are lots of different finance options out there to support your switch to solar. With our $0 Up-Front Finance you can even have the cost of an electrical panel upgrade absorbed into your finance ...

24 Apr, 2022

Do Solar Systems Require Maitenance?

To ensure protection of your system and that is performs to its maximum efficiency, we recommend an annual service! ECOlectrical offers comprehensive annual maintenance, safety check and cleaning ser ...

17 Apr, 2022

Why Your Switch To Solar Is Important As A Business

As our electricity plants and infrastructure continue to age and electricity prices continue to rise, more and more home and business owners are moving with the times, not to mention the positive and ...

10 Apr, 2022

How We Can Ensure Reliability On Your System

We will always take the time to ensure your system is designed exactly to your needs. Our installations are completed in line with all industry standards, using reliable, quality products, so that wh ...

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