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19 Dec, 2021

Why You Should Get An Energy Audit

Here’s what you can expect from an energy audit: ~ A measured and calculated Energy action plan provides a road map for tangible results. ~ Tax deductible investment that provides a fast return ...

12 Dec, 2021

6 Things You MUST Know About Choosing Your New Solar System Before You Buy

There are many options and many ways to go about configuring your new solar system, whether it’s for home or business. Choosing each component very carefully is critical. This doesn’t only relate ...

5 Dec, 2021

How We'll Help You Take Advantage Of The Current Government Rebates and Incentives For Solar

ECOlectrical will work closely with you to ensure that your on grid solar system for your home or business is personally tailored to your unique needs and, therefore, specially designed to set you up ...

28 Nov, 2021

How Much Will My New Solar System Cost?

All solar power systems vary with every roof and location, however, rest assured ALL properties can benefit from a well-engineered solar system and our specialist team are focussed on providing you wi ...

7 Nov, 2021

How We're Providing A Service To Every Solution

We offer all the services you need to take back the power and remove any obstacle in your way of becoming an energy conservationist. These include… On/Off-Grid Solar & Battery Storage Solu ...

31 Oct, 2021

Rest Assured With Our Strong Reputation

We’re so proud of our strong reputation! As we have gone above and beyond over the years, we have built up a strong reputation for ourselves. We continue to build this through our drive to provi ...

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